Art and Design Studio

Birtakımşeyler is an Istanbul-based studio set up by A. Erdem Şentürk, Şener Çelik and Başak Sağlam for art and design. Since its foundation in 2010 we have been working with many different artists and clients and have developed our own specific stile and approach over the years.

In our work we concentrate on the whole process, starting from the creation of ideas to their implementation, and attach the same high value to each single step. By experimenting with new techniques and materials we are going through a constant creative process of improvement and progression. We love to share the new findings and our knowledge, and organize silkscreen and ceramic courses periodically.

Our wide selection of disciplines such as Silkscreen, Ceramics, Graphic Design and Textile Design complement each other and the close teamwork between the disciplines are of mutual benefit.

We approach projects playfully, with an eye for detail, compassion for what we do and emphasis on individual approach.