Webserver provides the infrastructure necessary for publishing websites. This includes server hardware, software, security measures, performance enhancements, backup and data management. As long as you maintain your membership with the web server service, your website will remain accessible and operational, ensuring its continuous presence on the internet.

You will benefit from the following services during your membership:

  • Publishing: Our service allows you to publish your website online. Enable visitors to view your site through their web browser.
  • Email Services: includes services such as creating customized email addresses, managing email accounts and storing your emails on the server.
  • Database Management: allows you to manage the databases you want to use on your website. Databases are structured data storage systems used to provide dynamic content. Database management allows data to be stored, updated and accessed.
  • Security: ensures that your website remains secure by providing security measures. This includes firewalls, SSL certificates, intrusion detection systems and other security measures.
  • Backup and Recovery: The web server regularly backs up your website’s data, allowing for recovery in the unlikely event of data loss. This ensures that your site’s data is safe and can be retrieved when needed.
  • Technical Support: You can always get a response if needed. This technical support is priced separately depending on type of service that you need.

These services become active from the start of your webserver subscription.

Webserver usage fee